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John J Audubon, 1830 R Havell hand colored engraving   39X27

John J Audubon,  Great Blue Heron  Reproduction  20X15

Looking forward to a great Audubon print show

Sept 1st to Sept 16
Reception Sept 16th 6-9PM

3 Original Robert Havell engravings, 11 Ariel Liepzig edition reproductions, many more smaller prints

Havell Edition

Bay Winged Bunting,   Plate 94
Richardson Jager,        Plate 272
Canada Jay,                    Plate 107

Leipzig Edtion

Le Petite Corporal,                75
White Winged Crossbill,    364
Painted Bunting                      53

Pafsenger Pigeon                    62
White Crowned Pigeon      177
American Sparrow Hawk  142
Florida Jay                               87
Carolina Parrots                     26
Red Shoulder Hawk               56
Snowy Owl                               121
Pileated Woodpecker          111

Also available Leipzig Edition:

Baltimore Oriole,                    12
Wood Duck                             206

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